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June 20, 2016


Recommendations  〜あなたのオススメ〜


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Have you taken any friends around Tokyo or your hometown? I’m sure they must’ve asked you a million questions about what to see and do in Tokyo.



Today we’re going to look at ways of giving people recommendations for popular places in Tokyo.




First let’s take a look at this conversation:


LOCO: So what do you want to do in Tokyo during your trip?


EDU: I’m not really sure. I didn’t do any research. What do you recommend?


LOCO: Hmmm, well, what do you like?


EDU: I’m into technology and music. I want to see some live shows.


LOCO: Oh cool. If you like technology, you should go to Akihabara. There are a lot of electronic shops there.


EDU: Really? That sounds interesting.


LOCO: Yeah. It’s a cool place. I’m into live music too. Why don’t we go to some live houses in Shibuya? I’m sure we can find some live music there.


EDU: Perfect. Let’s do it.





Key Phrase

1) I’m into technology and music. (テクノロジーや音楽が好きです)

I’m into is a casual phrase used to express some hobby or interest you like. 

I'm into…は、趣味や興味を表現するときに使うカジュアルなフレーズです。


I’m into … = I like … = I’m interested in …


I’m into hip-hop music. (ヒップホップ音楽にハマっています。)

I’m into watching movies and going to the theatre. (映画や演劇を観に行くのが好きです。)

I’m into pizza. This phrase is used for hobbies, not food. 
(I'm intoは、趣味や興味に使い、食べ物には使いません)



2) Why don’t we go to some live houses in Shibuya? (渋谷のライブハウスに行かない?)

‘Why don’t we DO SOMETHING?’ is used when you are suggesting something to do together with someone. 

「Why don't we…?(…しませんか?)」は、誰かに一緒に何かをしよう、と提案するときに使います。


Why don’t we have lunch tomorrow? (明日一緒にランチに行きませんか?)


Sure. That sounds great. (もちろん。いいですね。)


Why don’t we go to a museum in Ueno Park? (一緒に上野公園の博物館に行きませんか?)


Good idea. I love museums. (いい案ですね。博物館大好きです。)


Why don’t we have a beer after work? (仕事帰りにビールでも飲みに行きませんか?)


Sorry. I have plans after work. Maybe another time. 


I often hear people use “Shall we DO SOMETHING?” but that’s a little formal. ‘Why don’t we..?’ is much more casual and more commonly used.

「Shall we…?」を使っている方が多いようですが、ちょっとかしこまった感じがします。 「Why don't we…?」の方がよく使われますし、ずっとカジュアルな言い方です。



3) If you like…, you should…. / If you're into…, you should…. 

This phrase is used to give a recommendation based on someone's interests.

If you like music, you should go to a live house in Shibuya. 

If you’re into technology, you should go to Akihabara. 



Here are some more examples. さらに例をあげます。

If you’re into shopping and fashion, you should go to Harajuku, Omotesando, or Shibuya. 

If you’re interested in coffee and art, you should go to Kiyosumi-Shirakawa.

If you like Korean food, you should go to Shin-Okubo. 

If you like gardens, you should visit Hama-rikyu Gardens. 

If you’re into vinyl records and charming cafés, you should go to Shimo-Kitazawa. 

If you like museums, you should go to the museums in Ueno Park. 

If you’re into books, you should go to Jimbocho. (本が好きなら、神保町に行くべきです。)

If you’re into baseball, you should watch a Tokyo Yomiuri Giants or Tokyo Yakult Swallows game. 

If you like jogging, you should jog around the Imperial Palace. 

If you like Japanese sweets, you should try daifuku and manju. 



My friend is visiting soon. When he travels, he likes to experience food, music, and have strange experiences. Can you make some recommendations in the comment section?



If you like Japanese food, you should…
If you’re into Japanese music, you should…
If you like strange experiences, you should…



Have you ever showed someone around Tokyo or other places in Japan? Where did you take them? What do you recommend? If you have some other recommendations please share them in the comments section! We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. 


Thanks for reading and see you next time!




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