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October 20, 2016


It’s OK to forget words   〜忘れてしまっても大丈夫〜


“I always forget words.” – Of course you do. We don’t only forget words, we also forget where we put our keys or the name of someone moments after meeting them.

「いっつも単語忘れちゃうんです。」 - そうですよね。単語だけではありません。鍵をどこに置いたか、会ったばかりの人の名前なんかも忘れてしまいますよね。

What did you have for lunch 4 days ago? It’s not very easy to remember, right? The only thing stranger than forgetting words is to remembering words after seeing them one time! Unfortunately, remembering the word usually only lasts for a short time.


So, how do you avoid forgetting? Well, it’s difficult to avoid, so don’t worry too much. But, there are a few things you can do to help move those words from your short-term to long-term memory.



How to move the memorized words from your short-term to long-term memory:


2. If you are making an example sentence; make it meaningful, make it personal, make it memorable. Our brains aren’t computers. An example sentence with an emotional or meaningful connection to reality will stick around longer.


3. Remember to repeat words until they become automatic for you. You might not remember a word until you are exposed to it 300 times or more. So enjoy and take your study of vocabulary one small step at a time.


4. Combine your 4 skills. If it’s not enough to see a word (reading), maybe you should say it aloud (speaking), write it down in your notebook (writing) or listen to it in a dialogue (listening).


5. Don’t stress. Stress is bad for our working memory. Stress and panic do not help you to remember.


Forgetting words is a natural part of being human, so let’s not worry about the words we forget. It's more important to continue!





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