ChatWith a GET Teacher! Vol.9 Jessica Prieto

ピースボートのクルーズにGETプログラムのボランティア先生として乗船してくれた方たちへのインタビュー、“ChatWith a GET Teacher! (GETの先生とおしゃべり)”。世界中から参加し、多様で豊かなバックグラウンドを持ったGETの先生たち。


第9弾となる今回は、ピースボート 100回クルーズにスペイン語講師として参加した Jessica(ジェシカ)のインタビューをお届けします!

* * *

  1. What were you doing before coming on board Peace Boat?(ピースボートに乗船する前は何をしていましたか?)
    The year preceding the 100th voyage, I had graduated from university, so I started working as a Spanish and English teacher in Colombia, I was working at a language school and at the Colombian Air Force academy.

  1. How did you find out about Peace Boat or the GET programme? (どうやってピースボートやGETのプログラムについて知ったのですか?)
    I was actively looking for a job as a Spanish teacher in Japan, and I luckily came across Peace Boat web page.

  1. Why did you come on board? (なぜ乗船しようと決めたのですか?)
    The whole idea of what Peace Boat represents was absolutely fascinating to me. Having the chance of traveling the world and meeting amazing people, while engaging in events and activities that promote Peace Boat principles and being able to do all of this while doing what I enjoy, teaching, was something I keenly wanted to be a part of.
  1. What did you enjoy most about being a GET Teacher?(GETの先生として最も楽しんだことはどんなことですか?)
    Having the feeling of belonging in a community that we built from sharing this adventure together and the eagerness to open our minds and hearts to the world and welcome new meaningful experiences. GET classes were a gateway to a better cultural understanding and appreciation of students’, teachers’ and local cultures.

  1. How did you spend your time on board? Did you organize any events, and if so, what were they?
    I enjoyed attending mizuans’ talks that allowed me to empathize with the subjects they were actively engaged in, climate change, women’s rights, overcoming poverty, nuclear disarmament . I also enjoyed taking time to unwind while having a view of the horizon, star gazing and frequenting our go-to destination after a fun DJ night, Bahia.
  1. What was your favorite on board event or encounter? (船内でのお気に入りのイベントや出会いを教えてください。)
    Our arrival in Brazil, as we approached South America after being at sea for 9 days since our departure from Namibia. As I could see land at a distance, I had a feeling of enlightenment, we had crossed the globe to come to this point, how wonderful this is, how many explorers and sailors from centuries ago were amazed by this view too, I wondered.
  1. What was your favorite port and what did you do there?(お気に入りの寄港地はどこですか?そこでどんなことをしましたか?)
    Buenos Aires. It was amazing to be at a place that has inspired so many writers and artists. I could go to emblematic places such as, Café Tortoni, El Ateneo, Recoleta, Caminito, San Telmo, where I could contemplate the architecture, enjoyed Tango performances and displays of local art, and was immersed in the atmosphere of this charming city.
    ブエノスアイレスです。本当に多くの作家や芸術家にインスピレーションを与えてきた場所に行くことが出来たのは、素晴らしいことでした。Café Tortoni, El Ateneo, Recoleta, Caminito, San Telmoなどのシンボルを訪れました。そこで建築物をじっくり鑑賞したり、タンゴのパフォーマンスや現地のアート展示を楽しみ、この魅力的な街の空気に浸ることが出来ました。
  1. What did you gain from your time with Peace Boat?(ピースボートで過ごした時間から得たものは?)
    Besides learning every English song title on Bahia’s songbook by heart; I gained a bond with my students and my fellow teachers, more confidence in myself and a greater sense of gratitude, open-mindedness and curiosity to interact with different people and a growing desire to seek for new experiences.
  1. Where are you now and what do you do?(今はどこにいて、どんなことをしていますか?)
    After a long quest, I made my way to Japan. I am working in Japan as a language teacher. Someday, not to far ahead I hope, I’d like to see some of the 100th faces again.
  1. What advice would you give to future teachers?(未来の先生たちへのアドバイスをお願いします。)
    Come with an open heart, be ready to share about yourself and let people get to know you. Take every opportunity that you can to nurture yourself from the variety of events and activities on board and in ports, and very importantly manage your time and available resources wisely, so that you can make the best out of your time on Peace Boat!
  1. What advice can you give to a student who wants to improve their English/Español? (英語やスペイン語を上達させたいと思っている生徒へのアドバイスもお願いします。)
    Learn or experience something new in the language you are learning. Be curious and discover the culture, meet new people as you learn the language and never lose your motivation, always remind yourself what motivated you to learn in the first place.
  1. Do you have a message for your students? (自身の生徒さんたちへのメッセージをお願いします。)
    I will always remember my Peace Boat Spanish students. I learned a lot from you, I grew as a teacher and as a person, it was so rewarding to see each of you take interest and learn Spanish at your own pace, in your own way. A smile is drawn on my face when I think back at the time I spent with you on the 100th voyage.

* * *

Jessica、ありがとう!! ¡Muchas gracias